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The Maltese Dog – Easier To Love Than To Care For

The Maltese is a small Toy dog that stands no more than 10 inches at the shoulders. He weighs between 6 - 9 pounds...

Pug Dog Breed Profile

Description: The Pug is a small dog, considered by some to be a dwarf Mastiff. It is a solid, compact animal with the dogs...

What Is A Teddy Bear Poodle

Most people say, they don't look like Poodles at all. Teacup and Toy Teddy Bear Faced Poodles will look like puppies forever. It is...

Save a Life – Rescue a Poodle Today

Poodle rescue is the perfect way to get your next poodle. You'll get a devoted new pet, that wonderful feeling you get from rescuing...

The Maltese Terrier Puppies Are Adorable

Maltese terrier puppies are adorable and few people can resist them. These tiny little dogs wind up in many a home because they are...

Siberian Husky Pictures – Some Tips!

There's no need for you to buy expensive 35-mm. camera equipment to take pictures of your Siberian Husky. The way technology has advanced, and...

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