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No AKC Recognition Doesn’t Bother White German Shepherd

The dog over there looks like a German Shepherd, has the pointed ears and expression of a German Shepherd, is the same size as...

Why Beagles Make Great Pets

If you are thinking about getting a dog for your family then I would strongly recommend that you consider getting a beagle. I have...

Raising A Beagle In An Apartment

ave you brought a Beagle to your apartment? Read on for the best way to facilitate the adjustment period as well as the essential...

All About Beagles

Beagles are known as one of the most good-natured hounds. They were originally bred to be hunters and they were usually raised in packs....

Fostering a Rescue Pug

Pug rescue facilities are people or organizations that rescue Pugs from less then ideal environments. The advantage Pugs have when they end up at...

Balanced Diet For Siberian Husky Nutrition

When you pick up your puppy from the dog breeder, ask the breeder to advise you about the best diet to feed your Siberian...

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