Siberian Huskies are some of the most beautiful and majestic pets you could ever own. In saying so, there are numerous pitfalls of owning a Siberian Husky that you need to know about. It is highly recommended that you learn about these pitfalls before you make your purchase. Aside from that, the following are the top 5 reasons that make the Sibe an almost perfect pet!

1. The most beautiful breed of dogs

First and foremost, Siberian Huskies are by far one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Nothing is more appealing than it’s bright blue eyes and shining fur coat. In fact walking through town or the beach with a Sibe on a leash is sure to turn heads, and passer-bys will drop their jaw in amazement and envy.

Siberian Huskies can also come in a variety of appealing colors with both their eyes and fur. There are colors to suit everyone. For a start, their eyes come in either blue or brown, or a combination of either color in each eye. In terms of the fur, Huskies come in a combination involving white, silver, black, brown and copper red. Huskies can also come as pure white or almost all black.

Huskies also have a great size being a medium sized dog. They’re not the giant “wolf” like dogs you see in the dog sledding movies (that’s the Alaskan Malamute), and either is the Siberian Husky a small dog you can accidentally stand on.

2. They are great as active working dogs

For those that are very active dog owners, the Siberian Husky is primary breed to be working dogs therefore possess an abundance of energy and endurance. Huskies are great as working dogs either pulling a sled or as show dogs. But even without being “working dogs” per say, there’s nothing more fun than being towed behind a couple of Sibes!

Being towed in a bike is called bikejoring while the same on skis is called skijoring. There are numerous clubs and organisations in most countries that participate in such activities and hold frequent races and events. If you want a dog to keep you young and fit, the Siberian Husky would be it. In fact these dogs are happiest when active and working.

3. Work very well as a family pet

Most importantly, the Siberian Husky do very well as family pets. The Sibe are very social animals with a great temperament and therefore work great with both children and adult. In fact they are SO friendly that they’ll probably lick the face of an intruder just as much as the owner! (i.e. they’re NOT a watch dog).
Huskies are known for their predatory instincts towards small animals, but this can easily be curbed by growing the puppy up amongst other animals.

One of the major factors that make the Siberian Husky a great family pet is their fun yet mischievous personality. They’re not simply a boring, goody-two-shoe dog that will obey every command. A Husky will sometimes moan and whine, sometimes lick your face, sometimes try to escape, and sometimes sing (howl) or talk (try to talk that is!).

4. Works well with companions or as a group

If you’re happy keeping multiple dogs on your property, then the Siberian Husky would certainly fit the bill. Sibes are a pack animal and therefore do well when they have a companion or within a group… in fact some owners start their collection of Huskies and end up with more dogs than kids!

There is nothing more entertaining than watching a couple of Huskies tackling and tagging each other. They will literally keep themselves entertained for hours while the whole family sits back to watch the Huskies in action instead of what’s on TV.

5. They keep themselves very clean

Last but not least, one of the great things about the Siberian Husky is that they keep themselves very clean all year round like a house cat, therefore require very little bathing.

Huskies will however shed ALL their undercoat twice a year over a 3 week period each time. This means that twice a year you’re in for a major grooming job. BUT other than those two times a year, the Siberian Husky sheds pretty much no hair. This can be compared to some dogs that shed hair all throughout the year and constantly leaves a fur coated couch after sleeping on it.

Sibes also most typically keep themselves free of body odor and parasites, while also requiring very little clippings or trimmings. Also, since Huskies have an ancestry of surviving in the wild, therefore these dogs eat surprisingly very little amounts and can survive on a lot less than other dogs of the same size.