Pugs are one of the cutest and most desirable of all dog breeds. There are hundreds of professional breeders who take great pride in delivering only the finest pure bred Pug puppies to their clients. It is a costly business to run and their income is based on their reputation and the quality of their Pugs. Pure bred Pug puppies command a premium price and it isn’t rare to hear about someone spending $800 or $1,000 or more for a really prized specimen.

While some Pugs can be purchased for $250 to $500, the question many people ask is whether it’s possible to find a Pug puppy for free? Obviously the answer is yes but it’s also possible to win the lottery with odds of fifty million to one. So the question we want to consider is how likely is it to find a free Pug puppy and how do you go about doing it?

Pugs generally represent a substantial investment for their owner so it is extremely unlikely that you will find a pure bred Pug wandering the streets. If you do, the chances of it having no identification tags is also extremely low because a tag is a fairly inexpensive way to ensure that someone who finds your lost dog will have a way to contact you. So, although it does happen, the chances are very high that you’ll have a long wait if your strategy to finding a free Pug puppy is to hope that one wanders by.

A more logical way would be to visit two types of places that will significantly increase your chances of finding a Pug, if not for free, then for a greatly reduced price. The first, of course, is an animal shelter. Almost every county in the United States has one. You want to visit as many of these places that are in driving distance to let them know what you are interested in. Chances are that you will not be the first person to do this. They probably have a waiting list of people who would like a Pug for free. Who wouldn’t? Nevertheless, you want to make sure that this, the most logical of all steps, is covered. You increase your odds if you follow up periodically and let them know that you would consider any Pug and not just a puppy. Note that we said within driving distance as well because the cost to transport a Pug is very high.

The second type of place is called Pug Rescue. You can actually do a search on the internet to find a list of these organizations. These are groups of people who are dedicated to finding homes for Pugs that have lost their home for one reason or another. The people who run these places are to be commended. They make great sacrifices to make sure the Pugs they find or are given have a suitable place to live. There usually is a fee involved so, technically, you’re not getting a free Pug but you will helping a great organization and it will usually be at a much lower price than if you went to a breeder. Again, if you’re open to the possibility of a mature Pug and not just a puppy, you will increase your odds of success. We cannot say enough about Pug rescue groups and the work that they do.

Another possibility to find a free Pug puppy is to visit some Pug breeders to explain what you’re looking for. Most of them will probably wish you luck and not give you much information. Remember, if Pugs were free, they wouldn’t have a business. But you might find a breeder who knows of someone who might be interested in putting a Pug up for adoption at a significantly reduced price or, yes, even for free. There are a few reasons this might happen. They might have gotten a Pug recently and not realized how much of a commitment they are. Some Pug owners find their situation has changed and a Pug no longer fits into their lifestyle as readily as before. Perhaps a change in employment or residence might have made Pug ownership impractical. The birth of a child or the discovery of an unknown allergy may also create a need to find a home for their Pug. Usually, in a case like this, they’re more motivated in finding a good home rather than recouping any price that they paid. The possibility certainly exists that you’ll find an adorable Pug at an affordable price. Many times an owner will go back to the place where they got their Pug to get advice on what to do. Keeping in contact with a cooperative breeder could result in a potential source for a free Pug Puppy.

The first thing you should do with any Pug found through any of the circumstances listed above is to have a complete examination by a veterinarian. Pugs are susceptible to certain conditions so it’s worth the time and effort to make sure your “free Pug” won’t turn into a medical drain. If you do find the Pug that you’re looking for, you’ve found a friend for life. Pugs were born to be companions and they like nothing better than to have the complete attention of a loving owner. Good luck!