Pugs are some of the most easiest dogs to groom. Pug coats are short and don’t get matted and tangled like long-haired dog breeds.

The best way to keep your pug looking great is to make sure it has plenty of good food and clean water. Nutrient-rich food will keep your pugs coat shiny and its eyes bright. Also make sure your pug gets enough exercise and fresh air.

Brush the pug’s coat daily with a natural bristle brush. Don’t use wire brushes on a pug. Pugs don’t require frequent baths, simply wiping the pug with a wet cloth to take off some dirt is the best way to keep a pug clean.

When you do bathe your pug, start by putting cotton balls in his ears to keep out shampoo and water. You can clean your pug’s face with a wet washcloth with no soap on it. Make sure to carefully wipe any goo that may be on your pug’s eyes and to clean the fold above its nose.

You should also clean our your pugs ears when he gets a bath. Just use a soft, wet cloth to wipe the ear flaps. You should never dig down inside your pugs ears. If you suspect they may be waxy or dirty down inside, you should have your pug’s vet clean them. If you find a brown material in your pug’s ears, this could be caused by ear mites and you should get them treated as soon as possible.

After you bathe your pug, you can either towel dry it or use a blow dryer set to the low setting. After drying your pug, give his coat a good brushing to make it shine.

Nail trimming is also an important part of grooming your pug. You can purchase nail clippers to do this or nail files. Be very careful when clipping your pug’s nails, you don’t want to cut into the “quick”. If you aren’t comfortable trimming the nails yourself, the vet’s office should offer a nail trimming service. If you walk your pug on a hard surface such as a sidewalk, the nails will be worn down naturally saving you the trouble of worry about them.