Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds to be kept as pets. They are known for their gentle and loving behaviour and all the information on Labrador Retrievers will reiterate the fact that they are a wonderfully calm dog.

The Labrador Retriever has actually been around for numerous years and commenced their life as assistance dogs to the fishermen in Newfoundland. During the 1800’s these dogs were relied on by the fishermen to help them retrieve the nets and also the fish. Labrador Retrievers have a distinct advantage over most other dog breeds when it comes to swimming in that they possess a water repellent coat. Most information on Labrador Retrievers explains how much these dogs adore the water and it is so true.

Another ‘job’ that the Labrador Retriever excels at is retrieving waterfowl from the water for their master. The dogs are taught to be very careful when they take the waterfowl in their mouths because the hunters do not wish for them to be damaged.

In the end people eventually began to recognize the Labrador Retriever as the perfect dog to have as a pet due to its wonderful personality and nature.

Labrador Retrievers are available in 3 varying colours yellow, black and chocolate. It was during the year of 1899 that the initial yellow Labrador Retriever was born and christened Ben of Hyde. Ben’s line is actually still observed in today’s yellow Labrador Retrievers that are signed up with the breed club.

Then suddenly during the 1940’s brown Labradors appeared on the scene seemingly just coming from nowhere, there were comments made about how much their colour resembled the colour of chocolate and that is how this particular dog gained its name.

There are 2 genes in Labrador Retrievers that determine the dog’s colouring. The initial gene decides the actual colour, yellow, black or brown; the second gene is responsible for the pigmentation of the actual colouring of the dog’s coat. It decides whether the Labrador Retriever should be light yellow or a rich dark brown colour.

It does not matter which colour your Labrador is as they are all the same dog underneath their coat colouring. All the information on Labradors explains how wonderful these dogs truly are as members of the family, out of all the dog breeds available the faithful and loyal Labrador is the first in the queue for suitability.