This is an overview of information on poodles covering their sizes, their special coat and their personality.

The Size and Classification:

Poodles come in all sizes. The AKC – American Kennel Club lists three sizes and shows the poodle in the non-sporting and toy group. All three sizes are considered part of the poodle breed. There is one poodle breed. The breed is a water retriever.

The difference in variety of this breed is the height of the dog. The height is the length from the ground to the top of the shoulder on a front leg. The top of the shoulder is called the withers. People also talk about 2 more different size groups for poodles. The breed includes all the sizes of poodles. Perhaps because of the size variation, the poodle has become a very popular dog.

The size categories are teacup, toy, miniature, standard and royal. The AKC uses toy, miniature and standard. Below is listed the height range and type of poodle.

Height and type:

If the height of the poodle is

greater than 0 to 5 inches ———————–this is a teacup

under 10 inches ———————————–this is a toy

over 10 inches to just under 15 inches —– this is a miniature

15 inches to 20 inches —————————this is a standard

over 20 inches————————————– this is a royal

Length of the dog:

This is not an elongated dog, a requirement for the breed of poodle is its square build. So the length of the poodle must be close to the height of the poodle. The length is measured from the area below the neck that is rounded out, the breastbone, to the rounded out part of the rump.

AKC groups:

The AKC uses two different groups to judge poodles.

The toy and teacup is in the AKC toy group.

Any poodle over 10 inches tall is in the AKC Non-Sporting group, which include the miniature poodle, standard poodle and royal poodle.

The labels Teacup and Royal are not used by the AKC.

Color of Coat:

The coat must be one solid color. Any patches of a different color means that dog is not a pure breed of poodle. This relates to showing your dog and meeting the standards set for a poodle. Colors can be white, black, cafe-au-lait (light brown), brown, blue, gray, silver, cream, apricot and red. For light colors they may be a darker shade of the same color around the eyes, top of the ears and the end of the nose. The poodle would not be disqualified for showing and considered a pure bred poodle if the coat is one solid color with some shading of that same color.


The poodle has an air of distinction about them. Their head is held high and there is a skip in their step. Poodles are very intelligent, easy to train and very social. A poodle will be your companion.

The standards AKC are the same for all poodles, no matter what the height is. For standards see

Hopefully this information on poodles helps those you are just discovering this wonderful breed.