Identifying Poodle Aggression.

There are a number of behaviours that an aggressive poodle will display. Be aware of things like snapping and lunging at other dogs. You could see your dog bullying other dogs by barking and pushing them. She might cower down and be skittish or snappy when other dogs come around and then lash out with barking or teeth displays. Initially she may appear timid and play for a bit but if she goes passed her comfort zone then she will become snarly and possibly get nippy. Poodle Aggression – How to treat it? Poodle socialization is the key to preventing any aggressive behaviour. Do this as young as possible. You may have an adult poodle, don’t worry if you have. Don’t believe the myth about old dogs and new tricks.

All dogs are able to learn and unlearn. Poodle Aggression can be avoided with Puppy preschool which is a great place to start. You can take your poodle there as they accept entrants of six months and under. When she is there, it is a great place for her to socialize with other dogs and people and communicate well. This is an excellent way to stop any fear-based shyness which leads to aggression. To prevent poodle aggression, from a young age always have friends dogs over to play. Don’t throw them all together. Your poodle will be more comfortable with you around and less likely to be snappy. You may need to separate them if thing progress, so stay around and keep an eye out. It is a good idea to walk your poodle regularly to spots that have lots of dogs.

Poodles are too intelligent to be cooped up all day in the back yard. Poodles are very family orientated so let her be as much a part of your day to day activities as possible. Walk around the neighbourhood, take her to the beach, go on walks into the city, these are all sound and sights of normal life. Too much too soon is not good either. For a puppy or an adult poodle it is important to gradually bring in sounds and sights in a positive and controlled environment. Bad experiences for poodles can be quite harmful due to their sensitive nature. Poodles need lots of exercise. Poodles need a lot of exercise and if they are not using it up then poodle aggression can be attributed to this. If you wear her out with exercise your poodle will be happy and less likely to want to be aggressive towards other dogs. Guarding her territory is another reason for poodle aggression. She will feel threatened if other dogs can access the property.

With poodles who are high energy make sure you are completely fenced. An ideal fence is one she can’t see through. If she has demonstrated problems in the past then a fence she can see through is not helpful to creating a calm laid back poodle. You may want to consider having your poodle neutered your poodle if he is a male. The aggression hormone called testosterone in a male dog kicks in at around 6 months.

Having him neutered will cure the problem for two reasons: 1. He will have less of an urge to fit. 2. He will no longer smell like a male to other dogs and hence they will not perceive him as a threat. Be aware of what is going on and if you think the situation is becoming a little dangerous, it probably is.

Remember you can always call on professional help if you have tried all avenues and nothing is working for you. Or you could enrol in a dog-socialization class for adult dogs. Poodles are usually very sociable, polite and happy around other animals. These are only behaviours that can be changed so if your poodle has any problems, remember with a bit of input from you, your poodle will be just as socialized as the next dog.