Poodle Dogs are my favorite breed of dogs. They have been thought of for a very long time as having one of the the highest intellects of any purebred canine. Poodles are versatile in that they come in a variety of three sizes: Small (the Toy Poodle), Medium (the Miniature Poodle) and Large (the Standard Poodle). This great breed also comes in a large variety of colors including: black, white, blue, chocolate, silver, red and many other striking colors.

Poodle Dogs also are known to excel in modern dog sport competitions. They are extremely agile, making them very competitive when it comes to the exciting sport of Agility. Poodles also show exceptional skills in Obedience and they are superb Trackers. They have been known to do an excellent job of Herding as well. Poodles are very strong in the competition of Conformation, the judging of correct structure and temperament at dogs shows. They are known as the aristocrats of the show ring and have proven this time and time again with Best In Shows at such prestigious events as the Westminster Kennel Club and the World Dog Show. Whatever type of competition a Poodle may be involved in, you can bet they will “wow” the crowd with their elegance and grace.


The Poodle temperament has been bred to have an aptitude for Duck Retrieval, which makes most Poodles very much at home in the water. For decades Poodle Dogs have been at the hunter’s side and are known in present day to be precision Gun Dogs. “Pudelhund ” is the origin of the poodle’s current breed name and is reminiscent of the water dog developed through the years . The English language relates “pudel” to “puddle”, also eluding to the water dog in this fine breed. The French have been credited for the Poodle’s variety of sizes and refer to the breed as a Caniche. The word “caniche” relates to ducks and water. In the US the Poodle has been transformed from a heavy-boned utility looking dog to the elegant refined dog we see today. This refinement was exported back to Europe and now is the standard for which we all strive for. Elegance, attitude and working ability — that is the Poodle in modern times.

The Coat

The coat texture of Poodle Dogs should be somewhat coarse and very plush. Tight curls are a must. Poodles do not shed like other dogs, however they do go through a “coat change” at around 9 months of age that requires extra brushing and grooming to remove the puppy-coat that is being expelled. This stage fades at around one a half years of age. It is recommended at this stage to keep the coat very short so that matting does not occur, or to brush the coat daily to help keep it tangle-free. Poodles should have a solid colored coat according to kennel registries, however Poodles do come in two multi-colored patterns. Silver and blue Poodles are born black and “clear” to the platinum hues over a course of approximately three years.

Poodle Health

Among Poodle health issues are epilepsy, addison’s disease, cancer, sebaseous adenitis, juvenile renal disease, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, nloat/torsion and tracheal collapse (mostly in Toys). These can be avoided in most cases by proper breeding practices, proper nutrition and care. Poodles’ average age at time of death is around 12 years of age, however there have been those who have lived to 20 and beyond.