he origin of the Rottweiler breed of dogs goes back to the German district of Rottweil, which was a farm area. Due to their medium-large size these dogs were used to herd and protect livestock, while they even served the purpose of guiding, guarding, rescuing and they even made exceptional police dogs. Rottweiler dogs are specifically known for their intelligence and valor. With the right Rottweiler training, these dogs can be bred and raised to become extremely loyal and friendly.

Since Rottweilers are really strong dogs and they are very susceptible when it comes to their territory, therefore a major problem when training these dogs is to get them to be obedient to their master. There have incidents in the past where Rottweiler dogs bit people and it has unfortunately given this magnificent breed of dogs a bad name. These dogs rarely feel fearful and situations where strangers have been bitten by a Rottweiler, has got to do more with the aggressive and susceptible nature of the dog as far as territory is concerned. While Rottweiler dogs are not really naturally aggressive, however improper treatment and training from an abusive and neglectful master can take the aggression of these dogs to a severe level.

It is important that proper Rottweiler training and socialization is carried while these dogs are still puppies in order to prevent them from becoming territorially aggressive even with their masters. Since Rottweiler dogs can be so large-sized and strong hence handling them can become a problem for the masters if they are not trained well. The usual problems that are generally faced by Rottweiler owners can be avoid if they start properly training their dog how to be obedient while they are still young. Aggressiveness, barking, biting, etc. are some of these problems that Rottweiler dogs tend to develop as a part of their nature due to lack of appropriate training.

It is important for owners to be familiar with just about every essential concept of Rottweiler training so that their dog grows up to be obedient and good-natured. Rottweiler dogs can be effectively encouraged to behave well by using methods of training that involve rewarding them for every improvement that occurs in their behavior. Rewards that a Rottweiler dog will seriously enjoy include an edible treat, a toy or simply a few praises. While it is not wise to sternly punish a Rottweiler, especially a pup, since that can lead to future aggression, however if they behave badly they can be penalized. This simply means doing some that the dog is not fond of, for instance the owners can ignore their Rottweiler till they behave appropriately or tug on their leash. Hitting a Rottweiler or any dog is not a good thing, especially if the owners want their dog to grow up to become well-behaved and non-aggressive. Above all, a major reason that people in the past got bitten by Rottweiler dogs is because they physically struck their dog.

Spending as much time as possible with their dog on a daily basis is another crucial aspect of Rottweiler training. If owners want to succeed with effectively Rottweiler dog to be obedient should make sure that they spend enough time with their dog whenever they possibly can. Due to their comparatively large size Rottweiler dogs can suffer from obesity that leads to further health problems such as arthritis, difficulty breathing, heart failure and other diseases. Therefore ensuring that they get enough exercise every single day is also an integral part of training these dogs. Rottweiler dogs can be trained more effective, along with getting exercise and remaining content, if owners carry out the training in an outdoor setting.

Training a Rottweiler is not an easy task and can take considerable time, which can cause the owner to feel a bit frustrated at times, however they should remember that it will be rewarding in the end. When training a Rottweiler, coherence and patience are necessary. As long as Rottweiler owners do not give up, training these dogs to behave nicely is definitely possible even if it takes a bit of time. Facing problems with a Rottweiler is quite natural for those who are raising a dog from this breed; however these problems can be avoided with proper Rottweiler training.