Rottweilers are German by origin and have served their masters well from antiquity and were at first, best used to drive cattle as well as to keep guard for their masters. They are affectionately also called Rotty and Rott and are well loved by their owners and by anyone else that comes in contact with them. They are large and very strong dogs and among their Rottweiler problem behavior is the tendency for them to bully others and to be very domineering.

However, a lot of Rottweiler problem behavior has more to do with poor training and less to do with actual faults in its personality, though due to the training requirements may not be the right pet for every family especially the first time dog owner. Proper Rottweiler training to rid this breed of any behavioral problems is not difficult, as the breed like to please it’s owners. Rottweilers are well loved for the companionship they give their owners and they are very affectionate and loyal.

Rottweiler problem behavior is something that concerns owners who have little children in the home, or elderly people and even those that are not strong enough to withstand the size and strength of the Rottweiler. They also have certain behavioral problems that are not too worrisome because they are nothing worse than trying to bully others, or trying to domineer them. However, Rottweiler training should see them lose these irritating behaviors though their size too is a problem.

A Rottweiler may easily knock you down and inadvertently cause you injuries while displaying one particular Rottweiler problem behavior where it bumps and tries to herd you around. Other than that, there are no major worries regarding their behavior, though they can destroy your expensive possessions, as the Rottweiler loves to chew on everything and anything. You should thus ensure that you give your pet some Rottweiler training and remember also to deal with him in a firm manner if you want to ensure that he remains well behaved and under your control.

The calm demeanor of your Rottweiler, which also shows confidence, loyalty and protectiveness as well, will impress you. The Rottweiler dog is also well known for its courageous nature and it is not given to being very suspicious, and thus there are very few Rottweiler problem behaviors that you will need to worry about. In fact, most such problems are more individual and not breed specific to the Rottweiler in particular.

However, with proper Rottweiler training, you should get the best out of your dog and it will also make him perform well in the show ring. If you give it enough attention and plenty of care, such as a well balanced diet and good grooming, you will not notice many problems with your Rottweiler. Whatever effort you put into their training and care will be amply paid back through the love and devotion that your Rottweiler will show you.