Poodle rescue is the perfect way to get your next poodle. You’ll get a devoted new pet, that wonderful feeling you get from rescuing a dog that needs a home and the poodle gets a new home and a devoted new owner. Whether abandoned or abused all rescue dogs need a loving forever home.

Perfectly good poodles of all sizes end up in Poodle rescue for a variety of reasons. Some owners abandon their dogs, and they end up in Poodle rescue. Other owners surrender their dogs to Poodle rescue because they can no longer afford to care for them, or because their housing situation has changed so that it is no longer practical for them to keep a dog. A small number of owners give up their dogs because they have a new spouse or child that is allergic to the dog or, for whatever reasons the new relationship interferes with dog ownership.

When you adopt a dog from Poodle rescue you will be asked to pay an adoption fee calculated from a sliding scale based on the age and condition of your dog and your ability to pay. Most Poodle rescues are non-profit organizations that rely on fees and charitable donations to stay in business. Your adoption fee goes to defray Poodle rescue’s operating expenses. Remember, you are getting a purebred poodle for much less than one costs in a pet store or from a breeder.

Most of the expenses Poodle Rescue incurs for your dog are the cost of medical care. Poodles are spayed or neutered if they are still fertile when they are surrendered to Poodle rescue. Adoption fees helps cover the cost of the operation and the expenses a foster family incurs to care for your dog while it recuperates from surgery

Poodle rescue maintains relationships with foster families, groomers, shelters and veterinarians to make sure all rescue Poodles are groomed, examined and are current in their vaccinations and heartworm medications. Your adoption fee helps cover the expenses that Poodle rescue incurred to rescue and care for your dog before you adopted it.

Poodle rescue has offices in all fifty of the United States, and the poodles available for adoption in each state vary from one location to another. Once you start looking at the dogs available for adoption, you’ll see how many there are to choose from.

If you want a quiet dog, consider Chester, a twelve-year-old male Miniature Poodle in Massachusetts, or Jake, a twelve-year-old Poodle who was found abandoned at a convenience store. If you prefer a younger dog, consider five-year-old Rocket. Similar poodles are available in your area.

If you want to adopt a Poodle from Poodle rescue, you must complete an application process that includes filling out an application and going through a home visit. Potential owners must be twenty-one years of age or older, provide landlord’s written permission to have a dog if they are renters, and commit to get regular grooming for the dog. The application also asks about prior dog ownership and what kind of activity level the owner has. Your new Poodle awaits you at a Poodle rescue near you