Learn Why You Should or Shouldn’t Consider Having a Pet Poodle

Are you thinking of getting a poodle for a pet? Poodles are affectionate adorable pets and they rank among the top 10 of most preferred dog breeds all around the world. There are many reasons why a poodle is a great choice for a pet, but there are also downsides that you may want to know before you decide on getting one. A little research on the pet poodle will help you consider the pros and cons of getting a poodle for a pet.

Poodle Origins

Although often thought of as French dogs, the American Kennel Club states the poodle originated from Germany where they were raised as waterfowl retrievers. They became popular in France by early 19th century and since then poodles have become well loved around the world because they are very smart, affectionate and loyal. They come in three varieties, depending on their height. The standard poodle can grow to 15 inches or more, the miniature poodle between 10-15 inches, and the smallest of them, the toy poodle grows to 10 inches or less. The most common pet poodles are the miniature and toy poodles, because they can easily adapt to the environment. They are the best pets for city dwellers, although they will need to have an area for regular walks.

Pros of Owning Poodles

Poodles are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They can be easily trained to do many tricks. Your pet poodle doesn’t really need a lot of exercise, but it would benefit them if their home has a lot of area to move around.

Compared with other dog breeds, pet poodles don’t shed a lot, making them ideal for owners with small kids who may have pet allergies. This also make house cleaning easier. They are very loving, especially towards little children and are also very loyal and fun loving. They make ideal pets for senior as they don’t need to be walked or exercised as much as some dogs.

Cons of Owning Poodles

Poodles need grooming regularly. They need regular baths to keep their fur properly conditioned. Their nails need to be trimmed at least once every two weeks. Compared with other dogs, they are quite “high maintenance”. You may have to take your pet poodle to a professional groomer more often, as compared with other dogs.

Since the poodle has been cross bred in many ways, they are predisposed to some genetic illnesses and are very vulnerable to skin problems, retinal atrophy, muscle and bone diseases and allergies. Make sure that you take your poodle on regular veterinarian visits to make sure that he stays healthy.

Poodles crave for attention all the time, so your pet will benefit from being around children or other dogs. Take your pet poodle for regular walks where he may get the chance to socialize with other dogs and humans.

Keep your poodle well groomed and clean all the time. Give it the best nutrition possible, especially as they grow older. Your pet poodle will need vitamin supplements also in order to keep it healthy. There are now dog vitamins and minerals made from natural products that you can give your dog. These supplements are less harmful and do not produce adverse side effects the way some chemical medications do.

Despite the cons of having a pet poodle, many people still prefer them to other breeds because they are so affectionate and loving. Even though your pet poodle may cost more to maintain and demand more attention than other dogs, people have taken to them wholeheartedly. They are especially ideal for apartment or condo dwellers as well as people who are not too active. Give your pet poodle the love and care he needs and you will be rewarded with many years of loyalty, love and affection.