Chihuahuas are lively little dogs. Thanks to Taco Bell advertising, movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and their compact size Chihuahua’s are more popular now than ever. You have probably seen Paris Hilton toting around her tiny Chihuahua “Tinkerbell” on TV or magazine covers. These little dogs are often stuffed into purses and (sadly) toted around like a fashion accessory.

If you are thinking about getting a Chihuahua you should do some research first. These cute little dogs are NOT right for every household and unfortunately people get Chihuahua’s without doing research and as a result the pounds and animal shelters are seeing more and more Chihuahua’s.

Chihuahuas Love Attention
Chihuahua’s are the the type of dog you put in your backyard to hang out all day while you go to work. A Chihuahua will want to be with you and will need a lot of attention. They are highly social little dogs and form very strong bonds with owners. Chihuahuas have been know to become very territorial of their space and of their owners.

Chihuahuas and Space
Due to the Chihuahuas tiny size they don’t require a lot of space.

Chihuahuas and Young Kids
If you have young children in your home you should know that most Chihuahuas will view your children as competition for attention. Chihuahuas are also known for nipping people. Some Chihuahuas do a little more than nip and are biters. These dogs may bite young children as well as adults. For the most part well socialized Chihuahuas are friendly.

Another concern with having children around Chihuahuas is the Chihuahua’s size. The dogs are so small they an easily be hurt accidentally by active kids. Playing roughly with Chihuahua’s is a no-no.

Chihuahuas Can Be Yippy
Chihuahuas are high strung little dogs. Some Chihuahuas are yippy and will run around barking their little heads off for no reason. Not all Chihuahuas are like this though but you really can’t tell if your Chihuahua puppy will grow up to be a yippy little dog.

Cute chihuahua puppy.

Chihuahuas Health Issues
Chihuahuas are know for many specific health problems. Common Chihuahua health problems include: Heart conditions, bladder stones, hypoglycemia, bone and joint diseases, tracheal collapse, and obesity.

Not all Chihuahua’s have the negative traits mentioned above. Most Chihuahuas are great little dogs. Before deciding on a Chihuahua for your family do more research, read stories, and visit your local animal shelter.

A great alternative to a Chihuahua for families with young children is the Rat Terrier. These dogs are about the same size as Chihuahuas and are wonderful with even the youngest of kids.