Siberian Huskies are active and outgoing and they can play an important role in their new life amongst humans. Their most prized asset is without a doubt their temperament that is gregarious when amongst other dogs and friendly towards humans. The Siberian Husky also sheds quite a bit which means that he will require brushing regularly, and there should also be enough space for him in the home if you want to keep this active creature happy.

As far as Siberian Husky training goes, the first thing that its owner needs to do is to let the Husky know that he is the boss and also the alpha dog and his pack leader. Furthermore, before embarking on Siberian Husky obedience training, you need to understand that the best way to teach your Siberian Husky new tricks would be by imparting the training in a way that he can easily understand, because as a puppy, he won’t know what human behavior is all about.

Furthermore, proper Siberian Husky obedience training implies that you use the same command for each different type of behavior that you are teaching him. Also supplement the teaching with food rewards and praise whenever he does something right because that will help reinforce the learning. After that, once your Husky is able to connect with what you are telling him, he will then find motivation and try to repeat the desired behavior every time he hears the key commands.

Remember also that the Siberian Husky, just like other dogs, can only be taught in the present tense, and it is thus necessary, when imparting Siberian Husky training to catch him while he is doing something wrong or right and then discipline or reward him as the case may be. In fact, after more than five seconds of having done something, he won’t be able to connect with what he has just done. Which means that consistency and timing are vital to proper Siberian Husky obedience training.

You can only be assured of success in your Siberian Husky training endeavors, and more particularly Siberian Husky obedience training when you teach your dog just simple commands that should not be longer than a single word and to also give the command just once. Also try to avoid correcting your Husky well after he has committed a mistake or done something wrong, because he will not know what you are trying to teach him.

Also, you should not ask him to come to you and then try and correct his mistakes because it will make him confused as to what you are trying to get across. Furthermore, striking your Husky is a strict no-no in Siberian Husky training since it will only create fear and confusion in the mind of the Husky, which is most undesirable.

Another aspect of good Siberian Husky obedience training is to lavish praise when your Husky does a good thing and to also use your best doggie voice when praising him. Also, don’t be fooled by the powerful and imposing appearance of your Husky, because he is a soft creature underneath and so does not merit using harsh obedience training methods, mostly because he won’t respond to such methods. However, you need to start him off with Siberian Husky training while he is still in kindergarten and then consistently train him so that he does not show stubbornness, aggressiveness or other undesirable traits.