The Siberian Husky is medium in size and a graceful working dog that has a wolfish appearance and despite a powerful persona is nevertheless calm and friendly as well as attentive and even sociable in temperament. Good Siberian Husky care requires allowing them to exercise a fair bit and about an hour a day should do fine. However, they are very adept at losing themselves and so need to be kept within high and sturdy fenced areas. Other than that, they need to be groomed regularly which will include bathing, brushing and also caring for their ears, eyes, teeth as well as feet and nails.

There are a number of aspects to proper Siberian Husky breeding including realizing the need to ensure that the breed continues to remain a good show dog which is essential if you want the Siberian Husky breed to continue having great physical as well as mental attributes. In addition, if the breeding is done properly, it will ensure that the Siberian Husky continues to remain a breed that is able to both perform its required working dog tasks while at the same time being a good pet and be the fun animal which you know it to be.

When it concerns the best Siberian Husky breeding practices, as a breeder you must be aware of all possible hereditary problems that can affect the breed. Even after having provided it with the best Siberian Husky care, and once you become aware of potential problems, you need to then strategize so as to not have them affect your litters. One of the more common of these hereditary problems is juvenile cataracts, while others include corneal dystrophy and in poor Siberian Husky lines the condition known as hip dysplasia is commonly found to affect the breed.

In addition, there is hereditary epilepsy to think about that is a growing problem among the Siberian Huskies though it is by no means the only problem to be wary of. Another condition known as von Wilebrand’s disease can cause disorders in the blood of your Siberian Husky leading to premature death in some instances. You will certainly have a lot on your plate when it comes to proper Siberian Husky breeding and it is only by being totally aware of all possible problems that you can do something to prevent them from affecting your breeding activity.

Siberian Husky breeding is not to be taken casually or lightly because then you would be no better than puppy-mills or like other unscrupulous breeders who care little about proper breeding practices and are more concerned about making a fast buck. And, with the present day trend of cesarean sections becoming a lot more common, it has led to many poor lines of Siberian Huskies being bred, all because of a problem with something called uterine inertia. It is problems such as these that are ruining the Siberian Husky breed, and as a responsible breeder you need to do something about this and also other problems such as thyroid problems which affects the skin and coat as well as reproductive system in the breed, causing poor lines to be bred in the process.

In addition, you need to ensure providing good Siberian Husky care, and to also ensure that all required testing is performed on the dogs prior to breeding. You must have enough funds available to meet the costs of conducting these necessary tests. It also does mean needing doing at least the genetic screening and failing to do so would indicate that you are not serious about proper breeding practices, which will be a reprehensible act on your part.