Siberian Huskies are smart dogs. As such, Siberian Husky training needs to be smart too. While there are many dog breeds that respond well to impromptu training sessions, Siberian Huskies need a system that is more structured and consistent.

Siberian Husky Training should begin from day one when you bring your Husky puppy (or adopted adult dog) home. This doesn’t mean that you should bust out the training treats and get ready for your first “dog whisperer” training session. What it does mean is that, from the very beginning, you need to instill in your Siberian Husky puppy that you are the boss, the Alpha Dog.

Now, don’t go and growl at your puppy and try to act like a dominant dog, like some people try to do. While that method may work for some dogs, I don’t recommend it. A far better method is this: simply handle your puppy. Get him used to being rolled over and having his paws inspected. Open her mouth and inspect her teeth. Groom her; brush her down, trim her nails and clean her eyes. Don’t let your Husky puppy tell you that he doesn’t want to be handled; if he tries to stop you, just try again, and keep trying until he lets you. Of course, don’t go overboard. If she’s sick, sleepy or otherwise not up to it, leave her alone. Siberian Husky training sessions should be positive experiences for your puppy.

What handling your Husky puppy does is teach him that he should listen to you. When he was in his litter, he allowed his mother to clean him, push him around and otherwise manhandle him. Now, you have taken the place of your puppy’s mother.

Your Husky training will go much more smoothly and your puppy will be much happier if she understands that you are her new “mother.”