Pug separation anxiety has been discovered to be among the major factors contributing in behavioral issues with canines. If you want to know more about separation anxiety in pugs, then keep on reading this write up.

Separation anxiety in pugs is usually their dislike of being lonely. Generally, it not only upset the pug, but also its owner. When a pug becomes too much dependent on its owner, it usually faces separation anxiety. This separation anxiety might be as a result of genetic reasons. For instance, there are some breeds of dogs, which normally have got a greater tendency of being afflicted by this condition. The cure of separation anxiety depends on the condition of the individual pug and the severity of the disorder. Let us now have a look at the various tips on how to cure pug separation anxiety.

The following are some of the effective techniques that can prove essential in curing separation anxiety in pugs. They include:

Tip #1: Preventing the Pug from Being Too Much Dependent on You

Preventing your pug from being too much dependent on you is the first step you should undertake in your attempt to get rid of this condition. You can achieve this hustle free by reducing the time that you normally spend with him and by teaching him that he requires not to be always close to you.

Thus, it is ideal that you try to ignore his attention seeking behaviors such as clinging, jumping, barking, etc. However, you should not tamper with anything relating to his sleeping, exercise and feeding schedule.

Tip #2: Helping Yourself from Abstaining From the Emotional Good Byes

The next thing is to assist yourself from abstaining from emotional good-byes or bidding long to your pug, each time you are leaving him alone in the house. These may look like a heart breaking scenario but after sometimes your pug will get used.

Remember that you are doing this for the betterment of your pug. Hence, while you are living him alone simply pat and leave without looking behind. Note that returning or turning back to reassure your pug will actually worsen this condition of separation anxiety.

Tip #3: Taking Your Pug’s Mind off the Various Factors Triggering this Condition

This is a very essential step yet very hard to achieve. Trying to take your pug’s mind off the various factors triggering this condition of separation anxiety is not that easy.

The first thing that you should do is to make your pug least bothered to the various things you do, each time you are about living the house. You may notice that your pug is slowly becoming anxious with this sudden change of behavior of yours. However, it is ideal that you continue with such changes in behavior until your pug get used to them.

Tip #4: Engaging Your Canine in Tiring Activity

This is another very essential tip that you must adhere to in your attempt to get rid of separation anxiety in your pug. It is ideal that you engage your canine in tiring activities such as exercising o gaming, each time you want to leave your house.

This will make your pug exhausted and there is a higher probability that he will end up getting asleep. Also, keeping your radio on each time you want to leave your house may also serve as a good company for your pet, and thus end up reducing the feeling involved in separation anxiety.

Tip #5: Contacting the Breeder Who Sold you the Pug

In case of the grave circumstances of separation anxiety in your pug, it is essential you contact the breeder whom you purchased the pug from. Take medical guidance that you will be provided with.

Your vet will definitely know the herbal remedies that are available in the market if you offer all your pug’s information to him or her. It is thus ideal that you are always conversant with all your pug’s problems.

Last but not the least; the best way to assist you pug is that you understand it, give him affection and warmth and make it feel secure. In addition to this, ensure that the pug learn to be always on its own. Your departures are bound to impact your pug but it must be taught on how to live without you.