Training is very important for your golden retriever. Golden retrievers are smart dogs, and they learn quickly. With a little bit of patience and time, your golden retriever can be the most adorable pet around.

Enlisted here are the most popular methods that would provide training for your golden retriever.

Behavior Training

Behavior training helps your dog behave in an appropriate and desirable manner. You have to decide on general behavioral patterns that you would like your dog to follow, and help him develop the same.

This training includes good house breaking, decent behavior around people and pets, leash training, and other types of training that will make him a good companion to have around. Following are certain behavior training for you golden retriever –

a) Teeth Training -As your puppy will chew anything that is around, it is important to provide teeth training for your golden retriever. There are various chew toys available. You may want to keep some ready and hand it over to your golden. Once he is done with one, or bored with one, you may introduce him to the other. This way you can curb his natural instinct to chew and take care of his teething problem as well. However, you need to be cautious while picking up the chew toy. If you buy a particularly smaller one, your golden retriever can try swallowing it and get choked.

b) Leash Training – If you’d like to leash your pet you need to provide training for your golden retriever. It may not be wise to attach the leash onto your golden retriever and drag him around. Being a bit gentle on your golden retriever would help in this situation. You can attach the leash onto him, and provide him with enough freedom inside the house, or in your yard. Be a little watchful. It will take your golden retriever some time to get used to the leash. After he has got a little used to it, pick up the leash and start calling him to you. This way your golden retriever can get leash training, without much trouble.

c) Digging around – Well, this is the nature of dogs in general and you’d have to provide training for your golden retriever to manage this natural instinct as well. If you try to control this natural habit, it may not help. So, provide your golden retriever with an area to dig. And praise him when he digs the area. Or chide him if he tries to dig some other area. Soon your golden retriever will understand.

Activity Training

This is a very beneficial type of training for your golden retriever. This would include activities like search and rescue, hunting, herding and other such activities that golden retrievers are meant to do. These activities would help build a better relationship between you and your golden retriever.

Obedience Training

This is also a very important training for your golden retriever. It teaches the golden retriever to obey commands. Golden retrievers who undergo this training learn not to bark without reason, not to dig any place and are usually better behaved than most other dogs.

While your golden retriever may need a mix of all the above training methods, you have to shortlist your requirements for your pet and decide the best training for your golden retriever. Now, haven’t you chosen this dog for him to be an adorable companion for you?