Poodles are one of America’s favorite dog breeds. They are one of the few dog breeds where there are actually three types. Another unique feature of this breed is that they are often crossed with other dog breeds to produce different poodle breeds.

Americans love poodles, in fact according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Poodles are the 8th most popular dog breed in America. Poodles have been consistently in the top 10 most popular dog breeds now for decades. One possible reason for all this popularity is that there are different types of poodles and poodle breeds.

The American Kennel Club acknowledges three different types of poodles. These types are the standard poodle, the miniature poodle, and the toy poodle. These different types are differentiated by size, with the size limits set by the AKC. The standard poodle must stand at least 15 inches tall at the shoulders. The miniature poodle must stand at least 10 inches tall, but no more than 15 inches tall at the shoulders. The toy poodle must be under 10 inches tall at the shoulders.

In order to show your poodle it must fit into one of these three sizes. Another requirement if you are going to show your poodle is that you will need to groom them according to show standards. Currently for poodles the only two cuts allowed are the Continental clip, or the English Saddle clip.

There are also several different poodle breeds. These dogs are created by the crossbreeding of two different purebred dogs. Some people call them hybrid poodles, but that is incorrect terminology. The correct terminology is crossbreed. Hybrid is the crossing of two different species.

Some common poodle crossbreeds are the cockapoo or the spoodle, which is made by crossing the poodle with a cocker spaniel. Another crossbreed is the goldendoodle, which is from a cross with a golden retriever.

One of the first crosses was done with a labrador retriever and called a labradoodle. The labradoodle was first bred by people wanting to make a hypoallergenic guide dog.

Poodles and labradors shed little and are hypoallergenic so the crossing of the two was hoped to result in a hypoallergenic dog, but the results were quite variable from litter to litter.

Poodles of all types and sizes have great personalities and get along great with children. The poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds and is actually a great hunting dog. In fact the poodle originated in Germany and was used as a hunting dog. Its thick curly coat was perfect for keeping them warm and dry when they had to run through water during hunts.

Poodles are very easily trained as well. They have been used in circuses for hundreds of years to entertain audiences. Housebreaking poodles if very easy because they learn very fast, and even teaching basic commands to poodles is much easier than other dog breeds.

As you can see there are several different types of poodles and poodle breeds. With so many to choose from you are bound to find a poodle that fits in great with your family.