Beagles are a very intelligent and loyal breed of dog and make excellent pets for people of all ages. Because Beagles are from the hound family they have an instinctive desire to dig because they were originally bred to hunt. It can be difficult to stop a Beagle digging because it’s in their nature to do so but by using a few Beagle training tips you should see improvement, this and a Beagle’s ability to learn new commands quickly.

There are a number of useful methods that can be used to stop a Beagle digging and it will be a case of trying different ones until you find one that works successfully for both you and your Beagle. It’s important to mention that Beagles are highly intelligent dogs and will sense when you are stressed or anxious which may either increase your Beagle’s digging behavior or he will become stubborn and will just not want to learn. You must ensure that you are calm but firm at all times whilst training your Beagle not to dig.

Dog Treats

Dog treats can be used to stop your Beagle digging. A lot of dogs including Beagles respond really well to dog treats; treats should be used when your Beagle responds positively to the command to stop digging. Specific treats should only be used during training so that your Beagle knows that when he pays attention to the command responds positively during training he will receive the treat. Treats used can be bite sized dog snacks, biscuits, dog chews or small pieces of meat.

Pat and Praise

A pat and praise are good methods to use to stop a Beagle digging. Beagles are very loyal dogs and want nothing more than to please their owners. If they can see that you are happy with their behavior they will want to show more of it to get your praise and attention.

Dog Collar and Lead

A lead and collar can be used to stop a Beagle digging by gently directing your Beagle away from the area where he digs excessively. The leash and collar should never be used in a negative way otherwise they may cause harm to your Beagle or your Beagle may think that you are going to harm him.

Allocate Area in Back Yard

You can allocate an area in your back yard to stop your Beagle digging excessively. This small area can be used as often as your Beagle likes to dig all he wants. You can either use a sand box or fill it with lots of sand or plant grass for your Beagle to dig.

You will need to watch your Beagle until he learns that he cannot dig in areas outside of his dedicated digging space and you will need to tell your Beagle off if you catch him digging in an area outside of his special digging space. Never, tell your Beagle off after he has been digging where he shouldn’t be, it has to be done during the act so that your Beagle understands what he is going wrong.


If there is no improvement after using one or all of the tips above to stop a Beagle digging there could be a more serious underlying problem and you should consider taking your Beagle to a professional dog training school or hire the services of a professional dog trainer.