It is certainly great to see signs of spring after a long, cold winter. The nicer weather makes almost everyone want to get outdoors and there is no better company, of course, than your favorite little Pug! Pugs love a good walk with their owner but you may not be aware of how sensitive they can be to the warmer weather. A hot and humid day should be a red flag for every Pug lover.

The reason to be concerned for the well being of your Pug is the construction of their nasal passages. That short snout that makes them so adorable can also be the cause of some breathing problems if you are not careful. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed which is characterized by a short muzzle and broad head. Because of this construction, the nasal passages are more constricted. Your Pug probably snores when he is in a sound sleep. For most owners this just makes them more endearing because there is nothing cuter than a sleeping Pug. While snoring can be very annoying in a human being, somehow a sleeping, snoring Pug can be considered absolutely adorable.

As an owner you should be aware of the tendency of this breed to be more prone to breathing problems which can be even more pronounced in hot weather. Avoid brisk walks on a hot day because your Pug will always try to keep up with you. He does not know enough to slow down and, by the time you notice his wheezing and breathing difficulty, you may have an overheated Pug on your hands.

The best advice, just as it is for humans, is to take it easy with your Pug on a hot day. This is especially true when the humidity is high and their breathing can be even more labored. Always have plenty of fresh water for your Pug and never put him in position where he has to spend extended time in the direct sun. If your Pug is on a leash make sure there is a shaded area for him when the weather gets warm. And be aware of how the shaded area of the yard can change during the day.

Of course, you should never, ever leave your Pug (or any other dog or cat) in a car by itself with no air. Never, ever do that even you are absolutely positive that you will just be a minute. On a hot day a car with no ventilation can become an oven and it will not take long for your Pug to be impacted by the heat. Make no mistake, staying in a hot, unventilated area on a hot day can literally kill your Pug.

The best thing is to be aware of the weather conditions for your Pug. They are sensitive to the heat and the cold. If you are uncomfortable then there is a very good chance that you Pug will be uncomfortable as well. The difference is that he will not be able to communicate that to you. As any Pug owner will tell you, a Pug can be your best friend. In the hot, humid weather it is important that you be his best friend as well.