White golden retriever – they are called white but they are not really white. We can describe them as pale or the lightest cream color you can think of, but not as white as snow. The name ‘white retriever’ evolved to make the name attractive and rare. These dogs come in lightest cream or pale gold in color.

Purely bred golden retrievers have a distinctive color and the ones who have more white colors on their coat are classed as rare. Because of this, breeders call this particular dog “one-of-a-kind” pure white retriever and are priced higher than normal.

Colors however are not a great factor if you long to have a pet in your family. Do not be mislead by claims that “whites” are rare and unique. Owners just prefer a particular color. What is important is that you know the genetics or how they are breed.

We cannot deny that white is attractive and special for a pet. To find a white retriever you need to look for English Retriever, as this variety is considered as the closest to the white description. So if you are a fanatic or lover of white pets, this is the kind of retriever you should choose. Do not be confused somehow with light cream coats, they should be priced the same of that as the ones in darker color.

It is also possible to have the nearest white color from cross bred dogs. If you are not looking for a 100% golden retriever or joining a show then this option is adequate. There is a bigger chance to have a whiter golden retriever when cross-breeding.

What should you consider in rearing a retriever? First, is to develop a sound temperament, must be healthy, intelligent, and well-groomed. Many consider retriever puppies as “BEST” for families who are looking for companions. Why? It is because these dogs are just perfect for kids. They are lovable, neat, cheerful, naturally playful, and exuberant. Furthermore, they are sensible, submissive, amenable, and devoted to its owners.

Breeders and enthusiasts find it joyful to take care of retrievers regardless of their color. Intelligence is an innate characteristic of golden retrievers, which is why they are very easy to teach, discipline, and train.

Since you already know that there is never a white retriever only pale cream to lightest golden color, you also need to know that there are a few differences in appearance with the English Retriever and an American Retriever.

English Golden Retriever has mouths bigger than that of the American variety and longer nose. They are heavyset or plump and shorter compared to his cousins. If you focus on looking at the features of their faces you will notice that the ears of the English retriever are at the same level as it’s eyes. Unlike the American retriever ears as they are a little higher than the level of it’s eyes. English retrievers also have a lesser coat density and shorter hairs.

It is also important to know that these qualities of your English golden retrievers are the very ones that will disqualify you and the pet to join in any golden retriever akc competition. But if you have otherwise no reason to join in any of those dog competitions, then color shouldn’t really affect your choice. My last advise to you is that if you are yearning to have a white golden retriever, then it is necessary for you to ascertain that they are a pure golden breed.