Chihuahuas are big dogs in tiny bodies. This makes them prone to two common Chihuahua behaviors – aggression and using the house as a toilet. Both of these two problems are serious, but curable. The first thing you need to do is get your Chihuahua to the vet to be sure the aggression or the lack of being able to “hold it” is not due to a medical condition.

If the vet cannot find a medical reason for your Chihuahua’s problem behaviors, then your dog needs some Chihuahua training, which is basically the same as any kind of dog training. Do not hit your Chihuahua for any reason – they physically cannot take it. Yelling is more than enough of a reprimand. Some hate getting squirted by a water pistol. The Chihuahua is not purposefully trying to drive you insane. They just haven’t gotten the message of how to behave properly yet.

Chihuahuas are extremely territorial dogs. They have plenty of sass and snap in order to scare off any intruders. Most Chihuahuas will not get along with larger breeds of dogs, unless they were raised together. Chihuahuas were bred to be guard dogs. They do this job very well – sometimes too well. They can see danger lurking everywhere and can think they are the only ones tough enough to scare intruders off.

This paranoia and their guarding instinct will produce an aggressive dog, unless you teach your Chihuahua that they can relax their guard because you are the pack leader and can handle any and all threatening situations. If your Chihuahua is biting, then you need the help of a professional dog trainer. Until the biting problem is solved, your Chihuahua will have to wear a muzzle every time he or she interacts with the public or with other dogs. Your Chihuahua, although small, has an incredibly powerful bite.

Make sure your Chihuahua is not being overfed – this can lead to hyperactivity, which leads to barking and aggression. Also, make sure your Chihuahua gets regular daily exercise. Remember – a tired Chihuahua is a good Chihuahua. Since they are so small, they don’t need hikes in the woods. Also, get your dog neutered. This will help your dog trainer considerably in dealing with your Chihuahua problem behaviors.

When your Chihuahua is relaxed and lets you be the top dog, they will also bark less. Dog training books can help you get your dog to bark less. Remember – your dog thinks barking is helping you out. But Chihuahuas are intelligent enough to adjust. Never hit your Chihuahua (even if the little monster deserves it), because the Chihuahua may die from the injuries. A scolding is usually enough to make your point. Only get your Chihuahua debarked by a professional vet as a last resort.

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